11-5-2019 -

Back to Your Core..

Hereby I release the key to connection, take advantage of it - Love <3


Today Self-reflection is a Hot item, Incredibly important!


Because it is most important to be able to grow in a balanced way to a sparkling pearl.

Back to your core method & roadmap.
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To develop a healthy self-reflection, you need a basis in which a pure form of love and respect is present. Usually your parents are the first designated people in this, who try to give you the best from their lifestyle and the situation where you grow up. Obviously this is not, and take this worldwide. and that is also the reason why people can fall back on a pure way of life / belief from the source, which are all essentially the same. Even though the focus may not be on the same point. They are the same because they originally have the same core values: Love and from there Respect. And you can formulate this in the concepts that at first glance seem different, but are equal in values, which you can still find in the hidden cores of all beliefs and ways of life up to pure democracy.


Regardless of whether or not one adheres to this nowadays, the point here is that it is originally identical. They are words and writings, ways of life ... with which an individual can independently be able to lead a life based on the pursuit of Purity, in which it is important that this Purity is preserved. It is absolutely clear that society created and based on money (money is also a creation, which even the clock revolves around) has split it up, and it is clear that this is EVERYWHERE in every religion or way of life up to pure democracy occurred .. has moved far away from this possibility.


Because this society forces people to work hard, The cause is initially that people at the top of the money company make money over the back of other people, and this behavior unconsciously takes over people who are far from their own core. For too little money, and even less real time. Individuals no longer have time for their own existence. There is no Own time, let alone time for a soul experience. When one wakes up, people realize that they have lived in a haze. And the second shock is that they often cannot fall back on their community, which has often become individualized .. and are unconsciously far from striving for purity .. A simple test suffices: that they themselves do not strive for what they believe: that which connects everyone from the core values, on which every community builds and which are the core characteristics, when these are not in tact, and are no longer pursued, then you know that what you see is only for the form without true content.


It is therefore time to shake hands and honor these core values ​​and celebrate the differences, differ just like the colors of the rainbow .. side by side together 1! an empowerment of power in connection. By means of '' Back to your core '' the colors of connection want to contribute to this. It is intended to provide insight. In personal and social issues. Understanding creates the ability to deal with it. Space for compassion, from compassion you can forgive, learn to live with your life lessons as stepping stones. step by step grow towards your goal .. who you want to become from your soul life. From there it can ALWAYS be healed what may be healed .. the way inwards cleared of obstacles .. from which the flowing connection between you and the source can be made again .. From where you can receive, create what lies in your empowerment .. for yourself, and hence for the other with whom you take society into a new connected era!

Continue to the method.


The '' way / method '' is primarily intended for people who can handle it independently.

You can determine this for yourself.

It is advisable to try it that way, otherwise it is possible to approach the coaches on this website. These are independent coaches who have understood the method and can guide you in this in addition to or in combination with their own specialty.


In any case, it is important that you read the method carefully and that you take the time to actually do this. It is a gift for yourself, in the form of getting to know yourself, from there to learn who you are, how you heal yourself from your core strength, and how to achieve your goals in your life.


So take the time to do this carefully.

It is your process, you can go back to childhood, and then go through the method for each issue. help from a close neighbor, who help you to fill in your core characteristics that you are not aware of can be very effective.


As soon as you have filled in the sheet with your core properties: reactivated, hang it in a place where you can see it frequently and where you stop to think about it daily, until you have fully embraced it.


First I place the possibility to receive, from the Universal '' Back to your core '' method.

Furthermore, there are the same method for each belief or way of life in their own key concepts. Good luck!