Wij zijn gelijk aan elkaar.

Alle leefwijzen en geloven hebben dezelfde kernwaarde:

Liefde en Respect, om via die weg een gezonde zelfreflectie te ontwikkelen.

"The colors of connection" ..

Has the ambition to reduce hardness in society.

And that each person can make his own best choice from self-awareness ..

And to connect where we are equal ..

With the differences as enrichment ..

like any color of the rainbow side by side ..

Together we are 1.


Here you can read the goals and how you can connect

from your own self-awareness, from who you are.


The colors of connection is based on a survey

from experiential expertise and deep interest.

in which we have especially discovered the similarities between all beliefs and ways of life.

Including starting points as a basis for cooperation for the benefit of each person.

We have also discovered the main problem of today's society.

And we have found the solution to repair damage, and from there to organize a connection that we need to become who we want to be.


In which we are able to build a healthy self-reflection, In an environment that provides a healthy basis for Love and respect for everyone. From where real freedom is created from which you can make your own best choice based on self-awareness.