We start in 3 areas:

Individual: With the free offering of the back to your core method for motivated interested parties.

This allows you to work independently with yourself. You gain insight into who you are, how you are formed, what this influences your current feeling and life, how you can tackle this by being aware of your own core qualities.

Then you get started. And you become aware that every person is in his own process.

If you can't figure it out, you can appeal to your immediate family or a coach, and ultimately when you have mastered this,

you will also be able to guide someone else through this.


Social: We are going to start setting up committees / working groups.

These working groups, in cooperation with each other, will protect their own faith or way of life based on the same core characteristics. From the Golden Rule as well as society by working together. We match 99.98%.

It is therefore much easier to stand next to each other and to celebrate the differences as long as the core characteristics are intact. The back to your core method and method is a way to get back to the pure core, from every belief or way of life to pure democracy and works socially and individually.


Nationwide: We want to make an offer to parties to get acquainted with the method and to get started. More about this later. Worldwide: We are going to organize exchanges between countries where people are doing the same. More about this later.