Now it's true that this is all about you,

about how you can enrich yourself with the inner strength that we all have in our hearts, And how we through that road along with the things that inspire you,

reconnect the world ..

by connecting with that in which we are equal, and stand together in respect for all that is important in life,

the worlds, together as a covenant we make the circle around again ..

It all starts with your own core ..

For this I have Based on a lot of life experience, and (a hard childhood, many overcome tests / traumas, read :)

life lessons and over 20 years of independent study, developed a training course that helps you to understand who you are. Clear, not floating but just a clear logical method on paper.

The method is profound ..

Based on deep insights, insight into connected and ultimately the basic values ​​that exist in society.

in our language and in our nature of being.

Developed on the basis of the acquired knowledge about the authentic ways of life and beliefs and is suitable for everyone! Every day new things are studied ..

And this website is worked and optimized daily.

There is also a Facebook page and group.

The colors of connection aim to reduce the hardness in society, and to reconnect the world with each other ..

starting with the own nuclear power that every soul has in his heart.

Yes .. Now I have not quite imagined myself;

My name is Iris Ameenah, mother of 5 beautiful kids, and my work is awareness and connection between each other and the worlds.

And can you say that I wish you and the worlds all the best for now and forever.

And that I am in compassion with every soul and everything that is there.



Do you want to know more about me?

Then read my mood board below; or send me an email:

Oh yes, I sometimes make a mistake, I kindly ask you to inform me about this. and do not wake up to it yourself, but to put the values ​​of my words in such a case first! Thank you!