Dont Ignore Youre Innerside- Coaching.

(((for free)))


A happening in your life ..

Questions about who you are ..

And what you have to give ..

your talent..That what makes you a star ..


Need sometimes to return to your heart to discover ..

That which you were originally given with ..

By going back to your pure core to awaken you and uncover ..


To empower yourself and to empower yourself from inside ..

How you can learn to live from your pure inner strength ..

- To heal yourself from this loving power light..

-or by taking healing-life lessons from every wound ..


Through this Love energy you even contribute to the world!

Together as One .. we connect with the power in your heart in an alliance .. we make the circle  around! (again)


♥ Iris-Ameenah



he colors of connection aim to reduce the hardness in society.

For this it is also important to pay attention to how you can Reflect on yourself with Love and Respect.

For this I have developed a training course that helps you to understand who you are.

Based on a lot of life experience, overcome trauma and more than 20 years of self study.

Clearly through clear steps you get an overview which you take home and think about.

You can indicate yourself what you want to do and what you need help with.

This happens on a voluntary basis and without obligation in exchange for a representation for the colors of connection.


Mail for an appointment. its priceless you get it return for your own effort.