Let's say that here on this record the best known ways of life and beliefs are situated on the earth.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism,
Judaism, Christianity and Islam ..

All these groups are originally identical in essence, namely;
-The pure source, where they get their strength energy and love from,
-The value and standards.

The groups that you see everywhere in,
stand for the;
-not mentioned ways of life,
-or believe what's in between,
-individuals who currently do not belong to a group and say they believe in themselves.

All carry the same power in their hearts ..

Unfortunately nowadays these properties are lost almost everywhere ..
sometimes simply because the pure essence is no longer clear,
Has become vague due to other influences ..
or because of the busy stressful world you live in. And where you already have to do so much ..

So going backwards by downgrading .. (removing what is added) is not very easy, although this is the best way for the people who say strictly to live the rules.

Because they eventually end up at the same connecting points.

For all other people:
Retrieving the agreements is much easier!

Because of the properties that are identical, in respect of the differences we can, just like the rainbow colors, side-by-side, empower each other ..
And bring a rainbow of power ..

Together As One.

Together pushing back the hardening in society, fighting loneliness,

Develop a healthier and more conscious climate and spread peace in the world.

If you know that we are scientifically 99.9%
to come to each other about one ..

The call for connection is greater than ever, People are looking for connections but just do not know how to connect anymore.
Because it requires that you know who you are at the core.
Often in this hectic world full of stimuli we finally walk ourselves by ..

Could this be the reason for the hardening of society?

For this reason, I have also developed a personal research material that allows you to return independently to your own essence / core.

Going back to your core is an important subject at The Colors of Connection.

Because from your core strength in your heart every human being is able to heal himself and also his environment.


I offer you the opportunity to do this individually with you,
Or in a small group,

against a representation for:

'' The colors of connection ''