The GoldenRule

Connect Democracy with the pure basis of all religions and ways of life and vice versa.

When you take the GoldenRule from the lifestyles and religions in the world ..
you arrive at the pure basis for democracy.

If you know this ..

Do you also know that there are many groups that incorrectly call themselves democratic.

And that these many seemingly democratic groups can jeopardize the pure form of democracy through their selfish behavior.


This is exactly what is going on in most religions and lifestyles.

Exactly the same!


Because this golden rule is not observed.

often because they are so far removed from their inner-side / core value that they do not respect themselves. does not reflect.


Because of this the Pure Love and respect .. cannot reach the hearts.

When pure love can reach the hearts,

out of self-respect and self-reflection, the connection between the source and each other will be established, thereby automatically activating the Golden Rule.


And although many wake up ..

Is this still a big issue ..

Because once again this has already happened in religions and lifestyles and the consequences are that we are all becoming harder and we are alone, at times when we need each other.


But in our individual daily life we ‚Äč‚Äčalso have to deal with it continuously. blocking the Attention for that which is really important.


You can change this by igniting, in any case with your light, that of another and giving your own opinion over and without respecting the Golden Rule:

lden Rule:

These are Elif Shafaq, and Judith Butler.

In these fragments of together about 9 minutes

the blueprint of pure democracy comes out nicely.

Be sure to take a look!