Reminder Mirror Coaching;

My Reminder Experience Expertise:

Is obtained by unconscious Self-awareness and A great diversity of Social life experiences, And an awful lot of Personal Life experiences. With Positivity, Satisfaction, and Gratitude as a guideline in my life, And the urge for quality and the urge of wanting to give to others that every soul needs, at least on my own level or higher. With critical Eye for what is needed but also Eye for pure beauty, First to myself. and from there to recognize what the other person needs. This all starts with the word '' Understanding '', First for Myself and from there for The Other from self-awareness. I feel connected to everything that lives, universally Connected with every soul and way of thinking, from understanding. This is possible because of my versatility, I see every soul back in myself, and myself back into every soul. And With the received power, And through knowledge and received skills to link very quickly between everything, including between every way of life and belief or thinking. I systematically connect each system to each other such as pure democracy. All originally built on purity and pure values ​​the belief in and the pursuit of goodness, with standards built on them. Only the wording is different. And especially the experiential expertise in how I stood my ground in all misunderstanding for and through my versatility and the problems you experience in this socio-economic society, health care system, and social society, with on top of the time pressure of the current time system. But above all the connection with the Source, through which I continuously extract life energy from all my experiences, what makes me feel connected to the Universe. The above caused me to endure the next life lessons, have learned from and gained strength from these experiences with which I can now pass on With Positivity and Gratitude;

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Cost: It will be A Personal contribution to a charity or a project of the colors of connection.

Inzicht in jezelf voor begrip voor jezelf en de ander..

Inzicht en begrip voor de invloed voor wat er is. 

We zijn samen 1, met allen dezelfde krachten

De bron.. met 2 verbindingspunten..

je hart en het universum..

To come together in healing, mbt;

Social Reminder Mirror Coaching:

regarding '' Trauma, s '' from o.a:


-Social problems such as Extremistme; . mapping and reducing these resulting forms. -Islam Experience Expert; - very broad, and know how to link this to other systems. -Time pressure of the socio-economic society and its impact, -Connection Expert, -In the area of ​​the social and individual impact of Living and Believing; .Original intention, .Clear distorted shapes, . Relationship between lifestyles, beliefs and democracy. -Understanding as a source of miscommunication; . at the assistance, on the work floor, In All places where communication is present. -Still at; .youth Services, .bound teams, .schools. - Not getting your human right in today's society, .If unborn, As a baby, As a child, As adults, As and an elderly person, As dead. .And your own responsibility and possibility in this. -Mis-Labeling, (Misinformed sick talk by Incomprehension) -Discrimination, (and the consequences of this) - Not being able to make your own best choice from self-awareness. - Suppression, .the life under pressure of another, .in society, .at work, and under time pressure.


-And Much More..


Personal Reminder Mirror Coaching:

regarding '' Trauma, s '' from o.a:

-loss and grief, -loneliness, -the feeling of being removed from your core, -Not to be seen, - unfulfilled / broken desire; .to a mother (who is not real or who has died) .to a father, (who is not really there, or has died) .to unconditional love (to replace the missing parent) .to unconditional love from a self-conscious '' being ''. -Shock states, and the consequence of this in your life; The effect that is both noticed and unnoticed in your (daily) life. -Mainly; (multiple, diverse and independent of each other) Depression, mood swings, out of balance, burnout, spychosis, autism, ADHD, eating problems etc -Physical; (multiple, diverse and independent of each other) interrogation, damage by others, damage by unconsciousness, rheumatism, and unpleasant issues, -Sexual; (multiple, diverse and independent of each other) general questions about intimacy, abuse, cross-border behavior, things you are stuck with, situations you want to get away with yourself. -Unhind feeling; the idea that you do not belong anywhere and may not be there and can not address this in any way of life or belief, in yourself. -Suppression; .the life under pressure of another, .in relations, .The society, .workload, narcissism. -Healthy food; Healthy body.; (advice and Reminder coaching) -Sport and healthy eating Reminder. (if you want to become more energetic, better quality of life, and lose weight)


-And Much More..