Pure Love is like One.


Today I would like to write with you about pure Love ..


From a pure Love and bond you get enriching food that is needed for everything and everyone ..

A Pure Love gives space to give from you, Honest love in union.

Pure Love is that which you give for the sake of purity and for the sake of the person you love.

Pure Love does not consist of taking back, materialism or gold.

Pure Love is never selfish ..

Pure Love is love that what separate from your ego is.

Pure Love is directly connected to the Divine ..

Pure Love connects with the unspeakable ..

Pure Love is that which connects you to the source ..

Pure Love is That from which everything originated and started ..

Pure Love is there in One totality ..

Pure Love is but a fraction of the love of Purity ..

Pure Love is full of vitality and full of possibilities ..

Pure Love is disconnected from your own ego and lust ..


Pure Love is that which you cherish or kiss out of admiration.

You can not control pure Love.

Pure Love makes you laugh let you sing ..

Pure Love has come as a bound gift ..

Pure Love needs to be freed from the ego today.


What I'm going to tell you now is no secret .. Many have wished to awaken the worlds for true Divine love. From Gautama Sittarda, Jesaya, Jesus and Muhammed to O.a Einstein .. If you know how their respects have been taught and described ..

Would all people, neighbors, strangers or not live as loved ones together ..


The ego limits in a context ..


The Pure Love liberated to display and share unlimited hand in hand ..

Every uman every animal every being ...

of every dimension of every country ..

Connected and in respect with Nature ..

every plant, tree ..

every animal .. every stone ..


Together as the colors of the rainbow connected .. Together as One ..

This is What the Pure Love contents .. shining and nourishing as the sun ..

Like the source .. From which the pure Love originated ..

Together As 1 ..


Pure Love is like One.