Human design- De kleuren van verbinding Review.



''I have been introduced for a year

and recently I have studied Human Design a little more.

By creating your design you get an even better overview of your human design. It is a good basis for coaches to use (self) coaching even better. "


"" I recognize myself in the story of the voice,

from Ru Uru Hu, I experienced this, in 2017, after which I designed the universal, individual and social methodology

'' back to your core '' under ''the colors of connection''

as a publisher. ''


-Iris Ameenah.

Human Design was developed by Ra Uru Hu,

Lees hier meer over hem :Ra Uru Hu | Jovian Archief


I recommend this website if you are Dutch like that!

it is made by Nico Cost! Very nicely put together!

We also support Nico Cost with a warm and connected heart!

Use your design primarily as possible points for attention.

It says nothing about where you were born, what life lessons you have or have not had, and what developments you have or have not made as a result, which parts have been blocked or have just been released.


You can really allow yourself more time for that and you can download the method Back to your core for free.

The "Back to your core" methodology


It is possible that you have already filled in your open planes for a long time with a pure form of a way of life, so that you have been connected from a very young age with a good interpretation and thus protection of your open planes.

The opposite can also be the case, so it is nice to know which surfaces are open.

I also recommend that you study your card yourself.

Because this way you only find out things that you are actually allowed to understand and you don't get to choose things that you are not ready for yet.


Do you let someone else read it for you?

Make sure that you make a step-by-step plan for yourself, completing your design may be done in no time, but becoming aware simply takes some time and energy, with the goal that you then save time and energy and can steer you in the right direction .

In any case, make sure that this is someone who takes you personally into account.

And make sure that it is someone who does not flood you with information about what is or is too much, or if you are already very aware, Too little that will limit you.


It is certainly a good basis, and from knowledge from the pure core of all main beliefs and ways of life, I can say that it can certainly lead to an even better awareness, even if you do this test when you already have a lot of self-knowledge, For me it gave a bit of confirmation in what I already knew, And in the contact with my children, from here I can take a better account of them as well as myself and the energy exchange, Regardless that I could already feel their qualities and see.


In my case, and in the case of people who have been conscious or have experienced life lessons, it can be much more varied! Also the explanation of Triple split can get much more depth to what I have found now.

There are people like me who do work well internally. So the knowledge that is now being shared is mainly the basis for people who are totally unaware, but you can go to someone who would like to explain this.


- '' for me it's just that i'm easy get in and feel if something is pure, but also scaled up my knowledge to be able to explain this with arguments, why this is so.


For that I can get into knowledge and I don't have to read an entire book for example. I can also extract the impurities from things like that.

And I am mostly aware of when I can say something about it or not. "


-Iris Ameenah

'' I recognize myself in the story of the voice, by Ru Uru Hu, I experienced this in, among other things, in 2017 After which, under the colors of connection as a publisher, I form the universal, individual and social methodology '' back to your core '' gave. "

Partly for this reason, the colors of connection with the heart are connected to Ra Uru Ha.

My Design is completely in line with what I already knew, but still very nice to be able to embrace it again in this way, now with a little more awareness of who I am towards my surroundings, I consider it a nice gift for my 33rd birthday,

being allowed to transform previously stagnant energies around me from my ability to be here.



Do you have questions about your design? There are a host of videos online