"Connection colors"

The goal is to connect everyone. This with the underlying thoughts that everyone is 1, and everyone ultimately has the same goals and aspirations regardless of belief or lifestyle ..

The aim is to reduce the hardening of society and to connect where we are equal. so that we can enrich ourselves on a small and large scale and make a difference as a strong community.

So that each person can make his own best choice from self-awareness. And from there connection;

In food .. connection .. enrichment .. association .. peace .. security .. much more conscious life and much more! The colors of connection draws inspiration from the rainbow .. just like the colors side by side ..

together as 1 ..

Together we can convert solidarity

into action from Universal Love and Respect!



With Kind Heart Rewards,

The colors of

Opensource Platform For Universal Individual and Social Connection.

Ancient knowledges, Pure Democratic and science Proved.

Soul and Source Connected.


The colors of connection is the parent platform for the development of: